Winding Brook
will be a public Waldorf-Methods charter school
and will be located in the Pocono area. 

At the Winding Brook public Waldorf-Methods Charter school we will be guided by Rudolf Steiner’s insights into education along with ideas brought forth from Howard Gardner’s nine intelligences. With using Waldorf-Methods, we will integrate arts into the curriculum, as well as implementing physical activities to progress our children’s body and brain development at an age appropriate level. Students will find balance in activities that entice and challenge their emerging skills and capacities. They will be welcomed into learning environments that nourish their senses for self-initiated exploration, movement, and inspire their growing imaginations. It is our undertaking for the students to exhibit independent thinking and strengthen their connection of their heart to their teachers, families, and communities in the world.

In addition to our Waldorf-Methods curriculum, we will build a strong relationship between families and the school community. Parental involvement has a major influence on preparing students to be well rounded learners, valuing cultural diversity and differences, and having strong moral responsibilities. Our teachers will aim to develop age appropriate learning experiences so that every child’s educational need is met within a fun and nurturing environment.

Our school community will establish multiple eco-friendly programs in order to celebrate our earth and to realize the importance of every aspect of nature. Students will learn leadership skills, team building, and many additional responsibilities by planting gardens, building compost areas, starting a school wide recycling system, and respecting the environmental beauties that surround them.

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